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John Loreaux

Landscape art photographer Ocean City NJ.

John Loreaux was born and raised on the Jersey Shore in Somers Point, New Jersey. John has been a carpenter/contractor for the past 40 years. He has had an interest in photography since he was in his teens. John photographed with film for many years developing his own film in the darkroom.

Today John really enjoys digital photography and the endless possibilities it allows. Here are a few of his art pieces. You can find more information on his art and puchase prints at: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/john-loreaux.html


John is always posting new photos from all over Ocean City NJ and Atlantic County. Find him on Facebook to follow his amazing photography. We won’t post his Facebook link here since it is a personal account but if you contact him or do a simple search you will find him.

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