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Sneak a peek into the bag of anyone on a summer vacation at the shore and you will find the same thing: a good beach read. Whether it’s a novel or a magazine, the beach is a place for thumbing through pages made of paper rather than swiping across a glowing screen. You just can’t sit down and unwind with your toes in the sand the same way when you are constantly glued to an electronic device as you can with a good old fashioned book. This summer, take your relaxation one step further by releasing your own creativity onto the pages of a coloring book about your favorite vacation destination designed by a local Ocean City NJ artist!

Aaron “Bogy” Bogushefsky, Local Ocean City NJ Artist

A photo posted by Aaron Bogy Bogushefsky (@bogy.art) on Jul 2, 2016 at 6:35am PDT

Aaron “Bogy” Bogushefsky is a local Ocean City NJ artist and teacher whose passion for creating imaginative illustrations and capturing the essence of his hometown through those drawings really shines in his first published book, the “Ocean City New Jersey Advanced Coloring Book”.

A long-considered project, Bogy’s coloring book has finally come to fruition after many requests from his admirers and the rise in popularity of the adult coloring book trend over the past few years. He says that his decision to create a coloring book draws from the fact that over the years he has described his art as his own coloring pages; “I draw most pages in waterproof India ink then color them in, just like a coloring book.”

The book, which features all new artwork made just for this project, follows an Ocean City theme that highlights many of the island’s landmarks as well as some of the more overlooked nuances that make OC what it is. The artist’s goal was to make a book that would give the “reader” insight into his artistic process, stating

“Both the reader and I are looking at the same colorless image before we bring it to life. I hope the colorer of this book will gain an appreciation for the details of my art as well as the details that make Ocean City so special to me.”

One such detail of Bogy’s artwork that the colorer of his book will discover within its 50 pages is the watermelon slice he hides in each one. Since the beginning of his career, Bogy has hidden one of these little gems in each of his paintings, sort of a “Where’s Waldo” of watermelons.

For this coloring book he has continued with this theme, as well as including flip flops and seagulls in each picture. Each page is also filled with interesting facts about the pictures on them.

“I have tried to capture the essence of Ocean CIty; although it is not an exhaustive list of OC elements it is definitely an illustrated tour of our town.”

From fishing to donuts and from amusement rides to seagull attacks, Bogushefsky’s book strikes an excellent balance of showcasing our little city by the sea and can be appreciated by both locals and vacationers alike. He says that his inspiration comes mostly from observation; kids at play, artists and things he is passionate about in life. He claims he feels an obligation to use his God-given ability as best as he can “For the furtherance of His purposes”, a driving factor that gives his work even more meaning to those fortunate enough to experience it.

Where to find Bogy’s Coloring Book

A photo posted by Aaron Bogy Bogushefsky (@bogy.art) on Jun 16, 2016 at 2:17pm PDT

So how can you get your hands on your own copy of Bogy’s coloring book? Currently available only at his website, bogyart.com and from Bogy himself, the book retails at $19.99. Bogy’s goal is to get his book into as many brick and mortar stores throughout town as possible in the very near future. If you are a business owner interested in stocking this local Ocean City NJ artist coloring book in your shop, please contact Bogy via the link on his website.

If you are interested in learning more about Bogy and experiencing his art, check him out on his website, and at the annual Art of Surfing Festival at the Ocean City Music Pier on August 4th-6th. Artwork and the coloring book will be available for purchase.

You can also catch this local Ocean City NJ artist around town in one of his murals. He currently has a couple of underwater/fish-themed works for display; one inside the Island Grill on 1st and Atlantic Avenue and one on the outside of Spadafora’s Restaurant on 9th and Atlantic, as well as a sports themed mural on the side of Shoemaker Lumber on 11th and West Avenue.

Bogy is married to his wife Sam and has two kids, Zoe and Willow. During the school year when he is not spending his time with his family enjoying the surf and everything our area has to offer, you can find him teaching art at Ocean City Intermediate School and coaching the Ocean City High School’s varsity boys soccer team. And if you are lucky enough to own Bogy’s new coloring book or one of his paintings (or 3, like me) you can find him in your very own home year round and possibly even displayed on your refrigerator door with yourself as the collaborating artist!

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