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Top Five Shops on the Ocean City NJ Boardwalk.

The Ocean City NJ boardwalk, a wonderful place to be in the summer. The cool ocean breeze and all the amazing shops and food. Since the staff here at The best in Ocean City NJ grew up in Ocean City we have an idea of what stores need to be on a top five list. These are in no particular order since we could not agree on the order and everyone had different favorites. Lets dive into the top five shops on the Ocean City NJ boardwalk.

Shriver’s Salt Water Taffy.

Shrivers has been around forever. Who doesn’t remember when they were little kids, standing at the store window and watching the doll do flips around the bar. Or wandering through the towers of candy and salt water taffy. Standing in the back of the store to watch the machines pull the taffy and slice and dice and roll all the different flavors. Shrivers needed to be on this list.

Johnson’s Popcorn.

With multiple locations on the boardwalk it’s hard to miss Johnson’s. Creators of the best caramel popcorn on the planet. A boardwalk trip in not complete without a bucket of Johnson’s Popcorn. Make sure you keep an eye out for seagulls, they will swoop in and ruin your night if you aren’t careful.

Manco and Manco Pizza.

Depending on who you talk to, especially if you are talking to a local, there is a debate on the quality of the pizza. But for a tourist/Shoobie it is a must to eat at least once at Manco and Manco. with multiple locations on the boardwalk they will be close by when you get hungry.

Fudge Kitchen.

They are located on 8th street, just across from the music pier. The best fudge you will ever taste. Open all year round they are perfect for Christmas gifts. Who doesn’t love receiving a box of world class fudge? Not only are they in Ocean City but they are in Cape May, and Stone Harbor too.

Jilly’s Arcade.

The only place on the list that isn’t some type of food. There are many other shops that could have made the top five but I have to go with Jilly’s Arcade. Down at the “end” of the wide section of the boardwalk on 12th street sits Jilly’s Arcade. Another shop open year round for us locals, it’s a perfect quick date night in the middle of winter. With 10 cent skeeball you can’t go wrong.

A few honorable mentions that barely missed the top five shops on the Ocean City NJ boardwalk would be Air Circus, The Christmas Gallery, Kohr’s Bros, Ocean City Coffee Co.

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