Ocean City NJ Farmers Market – The Best in Ocean City New Jersey.

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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are Available at the Ocean City NJ Farmers Market

Ocean City has many well known activities to offer, from bike riding on the boardwalk to sunbathing on the beaches. One of the lesser known attractions is the Ocean City NJ Farmers Market. Wednesday morning on the grounds of the Ocean City Tabernacle at 6th Street you will find the freshest fruit and vegetables. The Farmer’s Market starts on June 29, 2016 and runs through September 7, 2016.

While the vendors will have their produce displayed until 1PM, it is important to arrive as close to 8AM as possible. The fruit and vegetables are so fresh and delicious that if you wait you may miss your favorites.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Most of the fruit and vegetables are picked either the day before or several hours before the tables are set up.  You will not even want to wait to take the peaches home to eat them they are so big and juicy. The corn is perfect for grilled corn on the cob and bright red, Jersey tomatoes are a perfect addition to any salad. Don’t forget to pick up some fresh grown flowers, jams, seafood and baked goods for dinner.

Unique Vendors

Hank Sauce is one of the vendors that have been coming to the Farmer’s Market for the last few seasons. These sauces are perfect for the fresh fish that you can also get at the Farmer’s Market.

If shopping around the stalls makes you hungry, there are also ready to eat options. There have been smoothie trucks, pizza trucks and crepe trucks in the past that are a good snack to hold you over.

After you have planned dinner with fresh vegetables and seafood, the Farmer’s Market also has dessert ready to go as well. There are fresh pies and cookies and if you are looking for a delicious pound cake, look no further than the Stock’s Bakery table.

The Farmer’s Market will be a lovely addition to your vacation. Provide your family with fresh foods while visiting Ocean City NJ.

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