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Spring is a great time of year for fishing we have the best fishing in Ocean City NJ. From the striped bass entering and exiting our river systems, to the anticipation, and action of opening day of flounder, and the recent addition of wolfpacks of gator bluefish running around the bays once again after nearly a decade hiatus.

With water temps in the oceans being about 10-15 degrees cooler than the bay waters, finding the right areas to fish is the key to success. Search out deeper pockets directly adjacent to mud flats. The mud works to retain heat and warm the waters up in the surrounding areas. An example of this was just 3 days ago I had a contrast of 53 degrees near the inlet to a high 69 degrees at that same moment deeper in the backwaters.
Typical offerings of choice are topwater lures like the mirrolure top dog JR for explosive visual strikes from bluefish and striped bass, Doa 4” jerk shads on 1/4 oz jig heads for the striped bass, and Gulp 4” swimming mullet or minnows tipped on a ¾-1 oz Magictail minnow head bucktail for flounder. All of which are available locally at nearby tackle shops.

The best Fishing in Ocean City NJ

Dress accordingly as the calm winds (although lacking lately) can be very buggy with no shortage of gnats or no-seeums. But don’t fret as these bugs are a good thing, they are a major food source for the smaller newborn fish fry as well as minnows which depend on them for their survival. I always suggest wearing a good pair of lightweight fishing pants, long sleeve moisture wicking shirts, and a buff for protection of your face and neck. And of course never leave home without a good pair of polarized sunglasses which are just about equally as important as your rod and reel. Which in sight casting scenarios can make or break your day.

Whatever your target species may be, spring is a great time of year to get out there and fish the estuaries of our unique and diverse river system and its surrounding bays! Come experience the best fishing in Ocean City NJ.

Capt. Brian Williams

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