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There’s a new vintage, rustic, furniture store in town called The Handlaget! Located at 744 Central this new shop features refurbished pieces from all time periods. The Handlaget was recently opened by the mother son duo Paul and Christine Boardman and has probably the best furniture in Ocean City NJ. The shop is lined with great custom pieces, refurbished old dressers, and tables. Talking to Paul, who does most of the work on the pieces, is very informative. He will give you the story behind each piece and give you the time period it is from.

Each piece has its own interesting story. If they find a piece that is too beat up to save they will save what they can and then customize it to look like new, adding a colorful paint scheme.

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Paul will also build custom pieces from scratch. Coffee tables made from old windows, shelves fashioned from cedar root trees found in the cedar swamps or light fixtures and home decor.

The Best Furniture in Ocean City NJ

During the spring they are only open on the weekends. Come summer they will be open all week. During the summer you will find Paul working on the furniture at the shop. You can stop by and view pieces in progress.

If you have a piece you would like repaired or given a totally new face lift talk to Paul he will do custom work. He is working on a few custom pieces for clients right now. Stop by and say hello and see all the amazing furniture. Make sure you tell them you heard about The Handlaget on The Best OC NJ.

You can follow The Handlaget on Instagram at and also on their Facebook page.

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