Tony P’s House of Pies – The Best in Ocean City New Jersey.

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The Best Pizza in Ocean City NJ

We were able to make it out to Tony P’s friday night. First time we’ve been there this year. Glad they are open again and we could grab some great pizza. After filling ourselves full of pizza we concluded that Tony P’s is definitely among the best pizza in Ocean City NJ.

Tony P’s Special Pizza

When you try Tony P’s make sure you try a slice of Tony P’s special. I am going to try and describe it but whatever I come up with will not do it justice. It is a creation of flavors that meld perfectly together. Red onions, mushrooms, jalapenos, green onions, and crumbled bacon make up the base. Then you have the white cheddar cheese and to top it off there is a sweet BBQ chipotle sauce and a creamy mild horseradish sauce. It’s the most amazing thing you will taste on the boardwalk.

Another great creation which falls just below the Tony P Special is the pork roll pizza. Another must taste from Tony P.

The location of Tony P’s is very convenient. It is right across the street from Playlands Castaway Cove. You can walk out the door and see the new rollercoaster across the street. Or grab a quick bite while the kids are on the rides.

Read more about the new coaster here!

One great option Tony P’s offers is curbside pick up. You can call in your order, drive up and call in when you arrive and they will bring the pizza out to you. That way you don’t have to worry about parking or getting a ticket. They will also deliver.

Tony P’s is a great place with a great friendly atmosphere. Very friendly staff will wait on you. Sitting at the bar is great if you like conversing with the cooks. Tony P’s is a must try if you stay in Ocean City, NJ. Follow their facebook page for all their news and updates!

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