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Things You Need on the Beach.

It’s easy when you are packing up to hit the beach to forget a few crucial things. Here is a little reminder of a few things you need on the beach in Ocean City NJ.

Chairs Umbrella Towels.

Basic things you need. Usually not hard to forget but I have been known to forget my towel and had to rough it on the sand.


Just double check your bag before you leave. Locals always have a few bottles in their pack.

Water + “Other” Beverages.

ALWAYS bring water.



Small Cooler for your Beverages and sandwiches.

Pretty self explanatory. Quick tip. Freeze your water bottles before you go to the beach. they will keep everything else in your cooler colder longer.


Locals go wawa. But since you’re on vacation grab a sub form Voltaco’s, best subs on the Island.

Trash bag.

This is one that is easily forgotten but please remember to pack one. We like to keep our beaches clean.

Beach Tags.

Always annoying but you’re not getting on the beach in Ocean City without them. I feel bad for the families who come for the first time and are going to the beach for the day, only to get stopped by a tagger.

Things You Need on the Beach in Ocean City NJ

And there’s a short list of things you need on the beach. Keep applying that sunscreen, it takes no time at all to get crisped. You don’t want to get burnt the first day of vacation and have to be in pain the rest of the week you are in Ocean City NJ. I’m sure we have forgot a few things you need on the beach so leave a comment below and tell us your must have item you never go to the beach without.

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